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Preventive Dental Care Services

TePe is the leading Swedish manufacturer of preventive oral hygiene products. TePe's-known TePe Interdental Brush, together with TePe's toothbrushes, special brushes and dental sticks, are used daily by consumers and dental professionals in more than 50 countries worldwide.

TePe Interdental Brushes - The TePe Interdental Brush is available in several sizes for optimal cleaning between the teeth. All have plastic coated wire for safe and easy use.

TePe's Tooth Brushes - TePe high quality oral health care products includes toothbrushes for adults and children efficient, durable and user-friendly!

TePe Special Brushes - TePe offers a wide range of special toothbrushes for oral hygiene in patients with periodontitis, gingivitis, orthodontics, implants or dentures.

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