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Many people sometime in their life probably end up grinding and clenching their teeth, this can end up being a problem for you. Sporadic teeth grinding, does not typically cause harm. When the grinding of the teeth happens on a regular basis, this can cause damage to the teeth, and other potential dental health issues can arise.

People often grind their teeth due to stress/anxiety and many times it happens during sleep. Due to teeth grinding happening during sleep, most are not aware of the actual grinding.

If you feel you are grinding your teeth, contact Dr. Singer, he can examine you and look for any signs of teeth grinding and help recommend the best course of action for your dental oral health.

Chronic teeth grinding in some cases, can lead to fracturing, loosening, or loss of your teeth. This chronic grinding might wear the teeth down. Severe teeth grinding not only can result in tooth loss or damage teeth, it may also affect your jaws, causing or worsening TMD/TMJ.

How Can Dr. Singer Help to Stop Teeth Grinding?

Dr. Singer, can it you with a proper mouth guard, that will help you protect your teeth from grinding while you are sleeping. Each mouth guard is fitted to your mouth to help with proper prevention of grinding when sleeping.

If your grinding is caused due to stress, ask a Doctor or Dr. Singer for additional options to help lessen your stress. Seek out options to reduce the stress in your life to help with reducing your grinding/clenching

Tips to help you stop grinding your Teeth

  • Cut down of drinks/food with caffeine
  • Avoid Alcohol. Grinding tends to increase after alcohol intake.
  • Avoid chewing on anything that is not food.
  • Avoid chewing gum.  Chewing gum tends to allow jaw muscles to get used to Teeth Clenching, and can lead you to more likely to grind your teeth.
  • Start to train yourself to not clench/grind your teeth. This will take practice

Contact Dr. Singer today to get further help with your Teeth Grinding and Clenching issues.