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Endodontics Dentist

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy using the latest cleaning and sealing techniques. Dental treatment is usually completed in one visit.  Root canal treatment is performed when a tooth's pulp (nevre and blood supply) become infected or inflamed.  With local anesthesia, the tooth is opened and the pulp and bacteria are removed, leaving an empty pulp chamber.  The chamber is filled with a sealant and a filling.  The tooth then requires additional protection and reinforcement with a crown.

Dr. Singer uses NEW instruments on every patient in order to avoid instrument problems.

Dr. Jeffrey Singer offers LASER treatments for periodontitis to achieve improved periodontal health. [See section on LASER] Laser procedures offer alternative treatments that are less traumatic than conventional flap surgery with scalpel incisions and sutures and conserve healthy tissue. Light energy from the laser is directed through a tiny fiber that removes diseased tissue and aids in reducing bacteria associated with the disease. When the area is thoroughly cleaned, the body can heal normally.

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