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2111 Phelps Pl. NW ~ Washington, D. C. 20008 ~ Phone: 202-265-0525     email us

Meet Our Dental Team

Washington DC Dental Makeover

Each member of our team is committed to help you make your Washington DC Dental Makeover  visit  to our office a very pleasant and enjoyable experience with your dental makeover. All of us constantly expand our knowledge to assure that our patients receive the highest quality dentistry available to you on every one of your visits. Your long term oral health is our goal.

We care about your dental health and comfort - and we are committed to beautiful smiles. At our office, you can expect complete dental care for you and your family. Educating our patients is important to us. Feel free to discuss any aspect of your care that is of concern to you.

EmbassyRowDental provides a bright, warm, and friendly environment. We use the best new developments in dental technology, and it is important to us to be caring and gentle.

It is our privilege to have you as our patient, and we will strive to meet your dental needs now and in the future.

Washington DC Dental Makeover Specialist Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer : Washington DC Dentist

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