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Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer has been my dentist since 1985. Before I came to him my teeth were stained, not aligned and quite unattractive. He rehabilitated my mouth and now my teeth and smile are 'like a magazine model.' Dr. Singer has the hands of Michelangelo.

Nathan V. Miller

I have been a patient of Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer for over 30 years. I have generally healthy teeth, but he has done a root canal, a crown and a wisdom tooth extraction during that period. His work has been flawless and inspires complete and total confidence.

Many years ago my wife was experiencing pain in a tooth. Her dentist at the time was unable to spot any problem. At my urging, she sought a second opinion from Dr. Singer when the pain persisted. He immediately found and repaired a small crack in the tooth, and she has been a happy patient of Dr. Singer since that time.

Unlike some dentists, Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer does not do more work than a situation requires. He simply addresses any problems with appropriate and effective long term solutions. You can't ask for more than that!

Wade Norris

Dr. Singer is a good friend whose services go beyond that of a dentist only. Having been a patient since he started his practice more than 30 years ago, I have referred many patients to him without receiving compensation for which I am still waiting. All my referrals have been pleased.

Fritz Korth

I have been a patient of Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer since the 90's. I never had a problem of scheduling, he could always accommodate me. And what I love about coming to his office is the homey and comfortable chairs, it is always so clean, and you have the sense of security.
My sister and I are both patients and have referred several patients to him. He has always provided us with excellent services.

Marimel C. Estrada

I have been a patient of Dr. Singer for over 30 years.  My wife and daughter have become his patients.  We, and others whom we have referred to Dr. Singer, have been given expert care, seen very soon after calling the office, and received fantastic service along with wry political commentary and observations on our lives and times.  I could not imagine visiting another dentist.

Pirie Gall

When I first began seeing Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer over 30 years ago, I had severe chronic gum disease. Through Dr. Singer's therapy, my gums have recovered to the point that I have no problems today. In fact, as a direct result of his treatment my overall health has also improved. Dr. Singer employs a multi-faceted approach to treatment that has been especially beneficial to me. I recommend him highly to anyone seeking "state of the art" dental care!

John F. O'Neal

I have been a patient of Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer for more than 30 years.  I had atrocious looking teeth until Dr. Singer saved me, or rather saved my smile by redoing my front teeth in a very competent way.  I have not had any problems with them since he cosmetically restored them.  I want to add that whenever I needed him in an emergency, he was there, "squeezing" me between two patients if needed or seeing me on a weekend day -- and trying to make me forget my miseries by talking with me.

Jean Bouffier

I have been a patient of Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer's  since he began his practice and I am practically a member of the Singer family.
I feel very fortunate to have found a dentist who is so professional and one who can be relied on to give a patient the best advice for maintaining excellent dental health with a great smile.

Thomas Makepeace

My wife and I were referred to Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer over fifteen years ago.  We both find him personable, skilled, and caring.  Now, we bring our two children to see him.  Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer is the greatest.  

Robert E. Kristy

I started with Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer years ago and know that the good health of my teeth are due to him.  When I was young, my childhood dentist said I would not have my teeth after thirty.  He was wrong, very wrong.  Thank you Dr. Singer for keeping my teeth so beautiful and healthy. 

Natalia Parmly 

 I have been a patient of Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer for years. He has always been a very competent, caring and skilled dentist.  I have also appreciated his availability in times of emergency.  His staff has also been friendly and caring.  I have referred people to him in the past and will continue to do so.

Joan Goldberg 

For over 30 years I have been a patient of Dr. Jeffrey Singer.  His care and services are professional and of the highest quality.  His services have always exceeded my expectations. Being under his keen eye for many years has been very satisfying because my teeth are always admired by others.  Dr. Singer is a wonderful dentist to be with when he is working on your teeth.  He is truly a great dentist besides being a very nice person.

John Zacepilo

Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer has been our dentist for over 30 years.  His dental services are called upon by our entire family - my wife, my children, and even my mother (who is very particular).  His work has always exceeded our expectations and his prices are very reasonable.  All of us would recommend him to anyone who needs dental work.

Gerald Kassalow

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