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Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever Dr. Singer suggests a treatment from full mouth rehabilitation, Dental Implants to general dentistry, he takes the time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure with our patients. Often, our patients ask questions about our treatments. Full mouth rejuvenation involves restoring your teeth, bite and muscles to a more natural looking and youthful feeling condition; thereby improving self-esteem. You can view our most frequently asked questions and their answers below.

What makes Dr. Singer different from any other office in the Washington D.C. area?

Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer’s Cosmetic Dental Team is one of the few if not the only team that accomplishes one of the most difficult procedures in the aesthetic dentistry. This procedure is exactly matching a single tooth in the front of the mouth, tooth based or dental Implant based, with a crown or veneer. A match that is undetectable to the human eye; is a procedure that few dentists attempt and fewer will succeed. Our lab technician artisans only work with dentists with the highest standards of the craft to bring you the highest quality and the best product possible. Dr. Jeffrey R. Singer’s premier cosmetic dental team is constantly upgrading techniques and technology in order to deliver excellent cosmetic crowns and veneers. Dr. Singer believes in creating the most beautiful cosmetic results and natural looking smiles for his patients through careful planning and his commitment to excellence. With his extensive training and experience in cosmetics and many other areas of dentistry, Dr. Singer can examine your mouth and recommend a variety of options for beautiful results. He believes in discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure with computerized technology and with his aesthetic eye he will exceed your expectations. Dr. Singer also believes in using the best techniques, computerized technology, materials, and products to provide you with completely natural looking teeth. Our dental lab uses Zirconia and Japanese porcelain to create our crowns, bridges, and veneers. Dr. Singer uses Zoom IIT for whitening. Astra, Strauman and Nobel Biocare are used for DC dental implants. Aesthetic full mouth restoration may be the answer to many problems. Dr. Singer’s commitment to high standards and ethics has attracted many patients who have continued to seek treatment from him for more than 30 years. He’s consistently been rated one of the top cosmetic dentists in Washington, D.C., by Consumer’s Check Book Magazine and The Guide to America’s Top Dentists and DC Magazine. To truly experience what makes our dental practice different, however, Dr. Singer recommends that you stop by our downtown Washington D.C. office or call our practice at 202-265-0525 to schedule a consultation with him.

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How can you improve the appearance of my smile?

Imagine yourself with a new smile. What does your smile say about you? A beautiful smile can give confidence, be illuminating and make you successful/ From whitening your teeth with ZOOM II to full mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Singer will discuss your options for your smile design. Before we can recommend a way to improve the appearance of your smile, we need to examine your mouth. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Singer by calling our practice at 202-265-0525.

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What are veneers? What materials do you use in them?

A veneer is a thin, porcelain covering that is laminated to the surface of your teeth with a special adhesive. Since veneers are extremely strong and long lasting, Dr. Singer may recommend them to cover up severely discolored teeth, repair a broken or chipped tooth, or change the shape or size of your teeth. Veneers on the front teeth give a beautiful and healthy look. Our veneers are created using the best materials and technologies from around the world. Dr. Singer uses Zirconia, an extremely strong and durable material, and the finest Japanese porcelain. He works with award-winning ceramicists who can closely mimic the color, hue, and translucency of natural teeth. Most importantly, our veneers are fired in state-of-the-art ceramic ovens at extremely accurate temperatures. If you want to enhance the appearance of your teeth, and have a smile with a lasting impression, Dr. Singer is happy to discuss the benefits of veneers. You can schedule a consultation with him by calling 202-265-0525.

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How do Dr. Singer’s aesthetic crowns differ from those made by other dentists?

Most dentists create composite resin or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns using a computer guided milling machine or molding machine. While these methods are quick, the resulting crowns don’t have the lifelike appearance and beautiful luminance that our aesthetic crowns have. Dr. Singer creates his crowns using a method that is followed by only 5 percent of the dentists in the world. You won’t see a tell-tale black line around our crowns because Dr. Singer uses extremely durable Zirconia as the core of the crown and fuses up to 42 layers of fine quality Japanese porcelain to it. Our crowns are also optically color matched to the natural color of your teeth, so your crown will have up to 32 shades of white. Our award-winning dental ceramicist then shapes the crown and fires it in a state-of-the-art ceramic oven at precisely 1800 degrees F.

If you want to enhance the appearance of your teeth, and have a smile with a lasting impression, Dr. Singer is happy to discuss the benefits of crowns with you. You can schedule a consultation with him by calling 202-265-0525.

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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are an ideal option for anyone who has lost one or more teeth due to periodontal disease or trauma. With this treatment, Dr. Singer places a small titanium cylinder in your jawbone as a substitute for tooth roots to anchor a single crown, bridge, or denture in your mouth. In most procedures, the implant is placed during one appointment. After it heals, the crown, bridge, or denture is applied. When Dr. Singer applies them, most patients are surprised by the natural look and feel of dental implants. If you’ve lost teeth or have been living with dentures, call our practice to talk to Dr. Singer about how dental implants can help you. What does your smile say about you…

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What is the best method for whitening or brightening my teeth and smile?

It depends on your mouth. Since each mouth is unique, our Bleaching Consultant will evaluate your teeth to recommend a specific method. She may recommend our Zoom II In-Office Whitening System if you want to bleach your teeth in a one-hour visit. Or, if you want to whiten your smile at your convenience, she may recommend at-home bleaching trays, If your teeth are cracked, chipped, or severely discolored, she may confer with Dr. Singer about implementing restorative services, such as veneers or crowns. Imagine yourself with a new smile…

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