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Fixed Zirconia & Porcelain Dental Bridges


A bridge is a restoration that replaces one or more teeth in a span where teeth have been lost. Loss of teeth may cause your mouth

Fixed Bridges

Fixed Bridges Before and After

to sink in from the loss of bone that supported the teeth. In addition, the remaining teeth can shift to another position. This could result in lost function and a face that looks much older that what you are. The bridge helps support the lips, cheeks, and helps maintain the natural shape of the face.

A bridge from a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Singer, will be beautiful and increase the youthful quality of your smile.

A bridge is designed to fit your bite and match the color of the surrounding teeth.

Your smile will look like you never had a cavity or a missing tooth or teeth. Your will have a natural looking smile.

Cosmetic dentistry will help you recreate the smile that you had or wished you had.

Missing teeth will probably make you self-conscious about your appearance. With missing teeth

1- it is difficult to chew
2- nearby teeth may tilt into the empty space
3- the teeth in opposition may shift up or down towards the space
4- the bite is affected
5- chewing on one side causes stress on your jaw joints
6- missing teeth results in shrinking of the jawbone
7- there are be a change in how lips and cheeks are supported
8- tipped or drifted teeth are difficult to clean and more susceptible to decay and gum disease
9- more teeth may become lost

A bridge is cemented to the natural teeth next to the space of the missing tooth or teeth. Pontics or false teeth are attached to the crowns to fill in empty spaces. Crowns are cemented on the natural teeth that provide support for the pontics in the bridge. Bridges can be attached to implanted teeth.

Dr. Singer’s bridges are made with Zirconia and porcelain materials. The appearance and function of the bridge are of utmost importance.

It is essential to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Bridges can lose their support if the surrounding teeth or jawbone become damaged by dental disease. Cleaning your teeth and under the bridge with interdental cleaners and devices is essential. This helps remove bacteria or plaque. One must clean the areas under, around, and between the bridge and natural teeth. Regular dental visits and cleanings are essential.

Investing in your smile makes sense – in today’s world you must look your best at all times. Be confident in your ability to make a great impression. Your new smile will open many doors.

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