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    Halitosis or Bad Breath Treatment

    Halitosis or Bad Breath Treatment

    What is your Oral Self-Care? Halitosis is a medical term used to describe an unpleasant odor from the mouth.  The occurrence of this is so common and so wide spread that it is considered both a medical and a social problem.

    Certain conditions in the mouth produce pungent gases that mix with exhalation and are perceived as bad breath.  The main causes are compounds produced as a result of the action of bacteria on proteins.

    Dental caries, periodontal diseases and cigarette smoking are potential contributing factors for halitosis.

    Maintaining good oral hygiene through self-care is necessary  — brushing teeth, mouthwash,  dental floss, toothpicks (Stimudents*) for cleaning teeth.
    There is a strong association between bad odor, gingival disease, oral self-care and lifestyle.

    Dr. Jeffrey Singer�s role in maintaining good oral health should be emphasized.  There is a great need to control dental caries and periodontal diseases because of their influence on halitosis.

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