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    When contemplating cosmetic dentistry, it is recommended using the services of a specially trained cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Jeffrey Singer. He understands what the patient expects and how they want their teeth and smile to look.

    A crown is a restoration that covers or ‘caps’ a tooth to restore the tooth as closely as possible to its normal shape, size, and function. The crown will strengthen or improve the appearance of a tooth. It is used:

    1- to fix or restore teeth if there is not enough tooth left to provide support for a very large filling
    2- to attach a bridge to replace one or more missing teeth
    3- to protect weak teeth from fracturing
    4- to restore a fractured tooth
    5- to cover a badly shaped or discolored tooth
    6- to cover a dental implant

    Our crowns are made with a zirconia core and then covered with ceramics. Dr. Jeffrey Singer will take into consideration for your crown:
    1- the location of the tooth
    2- the position of the gum tissue
    3- the amount of tooth that shows with your smile
    4- the color of the tooth
    5- the occlusion or bite
    6- the shape and length of the crown
    7- the color of your natural teeth

    Several steps are taken to complete the two visit treatment. Dr. Singer will prepare the tooth by removing the outer portion to accommodate the thickness of the crown. If a filling was in the tooth, part of the material may be left to serve as a foundation for the crown.

    An impression is taken to provide an exact model of the tooth that will receive the crown. Dr. Singer’s laboratory technician will follow written instructions and use the model to develop the shape and size of the crown.

    A temporary crown is placed until the final crown is delivered to you.
    When you are satisfied with the final crown, how it looks and feels, Dr. Singer will cement it in place.

    When you smile, others will not know that you have a crown – it will look natural.

    Investing in your smile makes sense – in today’s world you must look your best at all times. Be confident in your ability to make a great impression. Your new smile will open many doors.

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